How we got started

 At fifteen years old, and with very little knowledge of the English language, I entered the family business as a dishwasher. It was at this point in my life that I discovered my love for my father’s business. As I grew older, I went to study at the University of Arkansas. Once I graduated, I came to realize that I missed Mexico and the many positive elements of its culture.


It was through this longing that I had the idea to ​​open Azul Tequila in Northwest Arkansas. Originally, the restaurant was known as Bellavista Verde Limon, but my family and me knew it had the potential to become something greater.

In the six years since the first Azul Tequila opened in Bentonville, Arkansas, we have learned everything we needed to know through direct experience. Today, we aim to serve the next generation of Arkansas who are looking for the most authentic Mexican culinary experience possible.


Common Questions
Where does the name come from?

When the sun begins to set, the fields of agave – the plant from which tequila is distilled – turn into a lovely shade of blue. We decided that the Spanish word for blue – azul – served as the best representation of our culture, as well as our way of making high-quality spirits.


What is the inspiration for your dishes?

Our dishes are inspired by what our previous generations in Jalisco were inspired by. Because this area of the Mexican Republic is considered the birthplace of tequila, we do everything in our power to remain bound to the traditions that created this unique liquor.


What is your mission?

Azul Tequila seeks to provide our customers with the most authentic experience of Mexican culture through its culinary arts.

Our staff

In Azul Tequila, we want you to feel right at home, surrounded by your friends and family. In order to do this as consistently as possible, our team offers you nothing but the highest quality of service.

The team is made up of hardworking people, who go above and beyond looking to give you the best experiences Mexico has to offer right here in Arkansas.

Our design

Our restaurant’s decor has a rich history. When we first started Azul Tequila, we knew that we wanted our clients to have a complete experience of Mexico from the moment they enter until the moment they leave. To do this, we went to Jalisco to study their agricultural and interior design.

Furthermore, we combine additional styles associated with other regions of the Mexican Republic, such as Puebla and Guanajuato. We put all this effort into our restaurant, because this is not just a business to us – this is our family, the Cortés family.